Mini Waterproof Lantern

Mini Waterproof Lantern


Keep the lights when you're outdoors or lose power

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The perfect light for camping, power outages and much more

This incredible lantern will become your favorite "go-to" light in any situation. Adaptable, durable and waterproof, the lantern outshines the competition with its four unique modes.


  • 1 watt - Lumen Tech™ LEDs

  • Waterproof- IP level 6

  • 4 mode electronics switch

  • Multi-use functions

  • And it even floats

  • Size: 4" x 2.8"

 1)  No more shadows: The lantern erases annoying shadows left behind by a traditional lantern output. Remove the lantern's reflector to use it as a full area light. Your entire space will be illuminated. It's perfect for lighting up any area and if you’re camping, your tent.

 2)  Rapid blinking hazard: Stay safe the next time you're changing a flat tire in the dark. The rapid blinking hazard sequence is quick enough to continuously light your work space, while effectively alerting traffic of your presence. Or use the dome light output to shine light into an engine bay while you diagnose possible issues.

 3)  Safety light: Blow a fuse? Grab the lantern and head to the fuse box without tripping over everything in your path. Want to take a late-night walk? The lantern is easy to carry and lights up any dark sidewalk or path.

 4)  It floats: How fun is this? Toss a couple in your pool for a late-night swim! This lantern loves the water. Keep one on your boat, the cabin, backyard or patio.


Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or just want to be prepared for the next power outage, this lantern will keep you safe in the dark! 


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