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Komando® Dual Lens Dash Cam

The Komando® Dual Lens Dash Cam

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Komando Dual Lens Dash Cam
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Police use dash cameras to retain evidence and protect themselves against wrongful prosecution. Now, you can too! Whether it’s proof of your innocence in an accident or traffic stop, or just a record of something you witnessed, you can have it all recorded. Video is automatically time- and date-stamped for validity. The KomandoTM Dual Lens Dash Cam may be the best insurance you ever buy. Set it to record in high-quality video all that you see and hear and help protect against fraudulent claims!

Record front, rear- or side-view images with this dual-lens camera. Each lens rotates 180°. There is a 15m telescope lens and a 140° wide-angle lens that can be viewed on the 2" Hi-definition TFT-LCD with split screen option.

The G-sensor and anti-shake stabilization means you never miss capturing clear video. Emergency button allows you to immediately capture and store footage before, during and after an accident. A time and date stamp provides validity for proof of incident.

Click on the video below to see this amazing product reviewed by dash cam customer Brad Gump

Everything you need is in the box: State-of-the-art Komando Dual Lens Dash Cam, sturdy windshield mounting bracket, car charger (12V car adapter), USB cable, AV connector cable (in case you want to show videos on your television), 32GB micro memory card and full size Micro SD adapter. No PC or Mac is required to use the cam.

Camera Features:

  • Built-in high-temperature lithium polymer battery records up to 60 minutes of cordless recording or video playback. Recording is continuous - There is nothing you need to do.
  • 32GB micro memory card and full size adapter provide recording capability of up to 6hrs
  • Videos saved in .AVI format
  • Resolution: 1280x480 / 640x480 and whole 720P HD
  • Dimensions (without bracket): 5" x 2" x 1/2"   Weight 0.5lbs
  • System requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 and 8
  • Suction cup mounting allows portability to additional vehicles
  • Time and date stamping for validity
  • Records audio
  • Low-light recording (infrared assisted)
  • GPS coordinate compatibility- click here to purchase the Dash Cam GPS Accessory (sold separately)
  • 1 year limited warranty

Legal Disclaimer: This device is not warranted for any particular use and shall not be used to violate the privacy rights of others or any other law. In no way will WestStar Merchandising,Inc.or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER TO CONSULT LEGAL COUNSEL FOR THE INTERPRETATION OF ANY LAWS APPLICABLE TO THE INTENDED USE OF THESE PRODUCTS.

Customer Reviews

Highly recommend to everyone who owns or drives a vehicle - Review by Chief Ruiz

Last fall 2014, the Webbers Falls Police Department installed a Komando Dual Lens Dash Camera in one of our patrol units. The clear images and audio your Dash Cam captures has assisted us on numerous occasions in reviewing incidents such as vehicle pursuits and arrests. The 15m telescope lens in the dual lens feature also allows for easy reading and great images of vehicle license tags during stops. The Komando Dual Lens Dash Cam is a reliable resource our department uses in court cases and to help maintain our officers’ safety. I would recommend your Komando Dual Lens Dash Cam to any law enforcement agency that currently does not use dash cameras.

Very Good - Review by mike

Nice product, just wish it had Mac OS interface.

LOVE IT!! - Review by Mr Dunlap

To my friends who drive a lot. Get this. I got one and it has saved me in a wrongful traffic violation accusation by another driver. When my work was in question, I told the police officer we also can watch the video of what the other driver did, the accusation was dropped on the spot. Best $150 bucks I ever spent.

great investment - Review by victoria

We bought the dual dash cam and i think it is the best thing out there we also bought the GPS for it. Great investment, now all I have to do is figure out how to edit and get what I recorded onto a CD.

Saved me $2,000.00 in repair bills. - Review by Robert

I found a nasty dent in the right rear corner of my truck. I reviewed the dash cam footage and saw the mechanic at the shop where my truck was being serviced the day before backing it into a van. I showed the footage to the shop manager. Case closed. They are taking care the $1,800.00 body shop bill and the rental car. Best investment I ever made.

Excellent!!! - Review by geoffreyj1200

I recently purchased this cam before I read any reviews. I then went on line and read some reviews. I want to address the ones that were not favorable.

My first comment is to 110% ignore them. I have serious doubts that they own this cam. the issues they brought up.. IE: bad night vision..not true, background noise,,, sure if your windows are down.. but not true..

The quality of the video, the sound and the night vision are not just good but great... if your looking for a dash cam jump on this one.

Overall nice quality unit! - Review by bunzx5

Purchased this after a deranged driver assaulted me at a stop light. Captures nice quality video. The two lenses are a nice feature for different angles. Highly recommend this for personal safety and can also be used for proof of accidents.
Very pleased.

Better & worth the $ - Review by mcg85

Much better than single lens version. Video is smoother and clearer on playback. Menus are easier to understand, set up is easy. Has a much more solid feel to it. Even the audio sounds better. Handles bright sunshine well, also. A few annoyances; when mounted on the dash, the playback video is upside down. Also has a smaller image than the single lens, but still enough to tell what is going on. Still haven’t tried it at night yet. Had a cheap, $40, no-name unit fail on me in 6 months. IMHO, this is worth the price.

Great product! (The company is now installing cameras in the fleet) - Review by john

I drive a taxi in Fort Lee NJ. Recently I picked up 2 highly intoxicated females. When I politely requested them to fasten their seat belts (as required by law) they became abusive and used profane language. I had dispatch send another car for them. they filed a complaint about me alleging rude behavior on my part. Using my computer,
I transferred the 20 min. video to a CD.
Upon viewing the video Management determined that I handled the situation properly and was innocent of those charges.