Cooling Circulation Air Cushion

Cooling Circulation Air Cushion





Avoid the shock of a hot car seat

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Enjoy a more comfortable summer commute and stay cool

It's summer and the sun is blazing into your car. If you live in a warm climate like me, you know that getting into your car at the end of a hot day can be downright hazardous. Beat the heat with this cool air car cushion!

As you drive, a powerful intake fan distributes air to your back, legs and thighs. The circulating air helps reduce perspiration and provides relief from the heat. Simply plug the cushion into your car's outlet and eight ventilation holes disperse cool air while grooved cushion bars provide additional circulation.

The adjustable high or low cool air flow settings allow you to control your personal preferences based on the current climate. It's also great for your RV!

 Stay refreshed with these features:

  • Circulating air absorbs heat from the body
  • Particularly effective in an air-conditioned environment
  • Grooved cushion provides further air circulation
  • Adjustable air flow (high/low)
  • Elastic straps for securing cushion to your seat (not recommended for bench seats)
  • Powered by standard 12V DC socket or vehicle cigarette lighter
  • Exterior material: polyester mesh cloth (not machine washable)
  • Dimensions: 4" x 22" x 22"


Sit back, relax and stay cool when you hit the road during the summer season!



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