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Autograph Add-on Policy

"Without my fans and listeners The Kim Komando Show would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who tunes in, reads my articles or listens to my podcasts." - Kim Komando

Kim Komando's autograph can be added to most of The Kim Komando Show Fan Gear and select Komando Collection products. If it is available there will be an option to add it to the item just above the Add to Cart button. It will really be signed in permanent marker by Kim Komando herself. 

It is not recommended that you wash an item after it has been autographed, use light spot cleaning if necessary. 

Kim Komando, Komando Shop and Weststar Multimedia reserves the right to cancel the order or remove the autograph add-on. At which point the autograph add-on will be removed from your order and the additional fee will be refunded. The customer has the option to still receive the original item un-autographed or cancel their order for a full refund. 

Our standard terms and conditions apply to all orders placed and can be viewed here.