Dart Laptop Charger FAQ

Can I charge my laptop and phone at the same time?

Yes, it can charge devices simultaneously. The USB port is 2.1A/10.5 watts so it's enough power to charge both at once. The DART charges your laptop and USB device simultaneously.

Does it get hot when charging?

No, it has built in high-efficiency power conversion technology that prevents it from over using power and this means it wont get hot.

My laptop came with a charger, do I need this one?

It's a matter of convenience, the Dart charger is the smallest and lightest laptop charger in the world. It's so compact you can put it in your pocket. It has state of the art technology that means it will never overheat. It can be used internationally. It can also charge your laptop and any other device that has a USB charger. So the things to consider are, are you short on outlet space? Do you travel with your laptop? Does your current cord overheat?

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