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Windows 10: Secrets and Tips for Busy People by Kim Komando

Microsoft has been paying attention to its billions of users; at least it has in the past few years with Windows 10. You’re busy and these Windows 10 features can help save you time and effort.

Let Us Fill You in on the Secrets

"Life is busy, that's why I created a list of the best tricks Windows 10 has to make you more productive." - Kim Komando

It’s a miracle that you get as much done as you do. Technology is helping you to be increasingly productive, although none of us often pays attention to its role in our lives. But just imagine tackling everyday tasks like paying bills, organizing digital photos, chatting with your kids scattered around the country and so much more without a PC or laptop. It’s simply mind-boggling just how much we get done every day, thanks to computer programs such as Microsoft Windows.

There are so many Windows 10 features and secret tricks for power users that you will never use all of them. But you can use many of these secret tricks to make your work life and family life far more manageable than they are right now. Are you ready for Windows 10 tricks that will improve your productivity, so you have more time for your family and friends?

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