Wireless Remote Control Outlet - 3 Pack

Wireless Remote Control Outlet - 3 Pack


Control your electronic devices, appliances, lights and more with this convenient remote and outlet 3-pack.

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Make turning off electronics as easy as a click of a button!

"This great gadget is designed especially for those hard to reach places. Simply plug your electronics into this outlet and you can control it remotely at any time." - Kim Komando

Make convenience a reality! Don't get out of bed to shut the lights off at night. Turn on the portable AC or heart while staying under your cozy covers. Turn anything on or off with the touch of a button. This device is especially suitable for elders with impaired mobility.

On those midnight runs to the bathroom, turn the lamp on before you have to feel your way around the room or bump into objects and hurt yourself. Compact size only covers one outlet and leaves the second outlet available for use.

With a single handheld wireless remote, control each outlet individually or all at once. You decide which button switch to select for which outlet or program many outlets to work on one button switch. 

Wireless remote control plugs directly into standard wall outlet and operates three wall outlets through doors and walls up to 60 feet. Just plug in table lamps floor lamps or small appliances. Then, use the remote operation with power status indicator LED lights. I

Why you'll love it:

  • Extremely simple programming
  • Operates up to 90 feet away
  • Plugs into any standard wall outlet (110V - 60Hz)
  • Single handheld wireless remote controls each outlet individually or all at once
  • Each outlet can be programmed to work with any button on the remote
  • Numerous outlets can be programmed to the same button on the remote
  • “All ON” and “All OFF” buttons on the remote will power all sockets on or off at once
  • Outlets remained programmed even after a power outage or transferred from one wall outlet to another
  • Outlets can be programmed as many times as desired
  • Additional handheld wireless remote controls can be used with these outlets. (Can be purchased separately)
  • Power button for manual on or off switching on every outlet with power status indicating LED light
  • Compact size won't block additional wall outlets below or on the side of where installed
  • Works on all appliances, lamps, lights, air conditioner, heater, audio sound system, noise maker, machines, and all consumer electronics 
  • Recommended for indoor use, can be used outdoor depending on weather conditions
  • Battery for remote control included
  • Radio signal frequency allows for indirect pointing remote operation.

Everything you need is in the box:

  • 3-Outlet AC Plug in Units
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Battery (12V) (for remote)
  • Instructions Manual

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