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Wifi Security Camera FAQ's

Can I connect more than 1 camera to the app? 

Yes, you can add multiple cameras AND you can share with Multiple friends and family. 

Is says the speaker is 2-way can I speak through it? 

Yes, there is a speaker and a microphone. If you were accessing the camera from your smartphone App, you can hold the microphone button and speak into it. Your voice will be heard through the camera speaker. The person near the camera, will just speak towards the camera and you will hear them speak through the smartphone speaker.

Can I use this outdoors? 

It is not rated for outdoor use and is not weather resistant and we do not recommend using it outside because it could get damaged. However we know of customers who do use it outside where it is protected from the elements without issue. Doing this is at your own risk, the warranty does not cover damage caused by weather.

Do I have to have strong Wifi to use this?

It's recommended that your Wifi has a minimum of 2Mbps upload speed per camera. The closer your camera is to the wifi router, the stronger the signal and the better the quality of the video. 

How big of a memory card can I use with it? 

The largest recommended size is 32gb, and it has to be a micro SD card. The memory card is not included with purchase but the camera will record footage without it.